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Mental Awareness Foundation Tudor and Wes

Who We Are

Brothers Wesley & Tudor Vasile

Together as one, we will build a foundation that is breathing life and colour into depression and mental illness.

The Mental Awareness Foundation was created with the goal of spreading the message of suicide prevention, and raising awareness of depression and mental health issues by empowering organisations and individuals.

Everything we do here at MAf we do to increase the funding we are able to deliver to mental health charities and not-for-profits working on the frontline, and to empower every day Australians to take their mental health journey one step at a time.

We are all in this together when it comes to suicide prevention and mental health, so reach out to your friends and family to show your support.

You can help make a difference by sharing our message about taking your mental health journey one step at a time so that people don’t feel overwhelmed by the stress and challenges they may face.

Where Do Your Donations Go?

The Mental Awareness Foundation uses funds raised from sponsorship and our Walk for Awareness event to go towards:

  • Marketing and communicating the message of suicide prevention and encouragement of mental wellness.

  • Mental health charities and organisations. Charities that are doing great things both on the front line and in the community.

Where Do Your Donations Go

Who We Support

Your donations support a range of frontline mental health organisations across Queensland, including

Carers Foundation
4 Aussie Heroes
Stepping Stone
Sunshine Butterflies
Peach Tree
Mind Blank
Trek 2 Health
Suicide Prevention Pathways
The Sunlight Centre
Rize Up
Mates in Construction

Grant Opportunities

The Mental Awareness Foundation is fortunate enough to be able to offer a number of grants to grass-roots charities and organisations from $5,000 to $25,000. If you're interested in applying for a grant, hit the button below for more information.

Mental Awareness Foundation Fundraising Lunch

Our Mission

The mission of the Mental Awareness Foundation is to preserve lives by empowering individuals. 

The aim of the Foundation is to raise awareness of depression and mental illness, through funding programs, events, and stakeholder initiatives, while supporting the preservation of life. We are proud to support organisations and charities directly on the front line of mental health services.

The flagship event of the Mental Awareness Foundation is Walk for Awareness, a 9km walking event (to open Queensland Mental Health Week) with the main event staged in Brisbane that includes a “walk anywhere” option for people to walk and join virtually.

Our Three Pillars


Improving peoples mental health through participation in a variety of events and channels.


Providing programs to assist employees, employers and teams in better understanding their mental health and how to manage it.


Breaking the stigma and taboo around suicide and mental health through speaking engagements and creating conversation.

Our Team

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