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Grant Opportunities

The Mental Awareness Foundation (MAf) is proud to houst a great event called the Walk For Awareness. The Walk is not only an event that encourages mental wellness, but it is also a fundraising event for other Queensland mental health organisations and charities. MAf has always made a goal of trying to support grass-root charities and organisations in the mental health sector that perhaps the public has not heard of.

If you are a registered Queensland-based grass-roots charity, or an organisation or a person with a dream or vision to help others in the mental health area, we want to hear from you. If you truly feel your organisation is making a difference and you need a hand. Let us know. Please go through the criteria and fill out our online application form below. Please note that you are required to be a registered Queensland-based charity to be eligible for a grant. Charities must be DGR Compliant to obtain funding from MAF.


The Mental Awareness Foundation has the following Grants on offer:

Large Grants: 7 x $25,000
Small Grants: $5,000 & $10,000 to the value of $25,000

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