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Mental Awareness Foundation Spot Speak Support

Spot, Speak, Support is a mental health education program designed to build greater awareness, break the stigma, and get the conversation started around mental health.

Our goal is to build a strong foundation that leads to healthier workplaces.

A 45 minute program that focuses on educating members to SPOT – in themselves or others – the signs that lead to a mental illness. Deliver tools that give the participant the ability to SPEAK to themselves or others when times are tough. And most of all, educating participants to better understand how to SUPPORT themselves or get help for a friend.

The workshop is delivered by facilitators who have been trained in mental health, with lived experience. When you complete this program, your team will be equipped with:


To identify in ourselves and/or a loved one when we/they may be going through achallenging time.

Greater knowledge to identify the warneing signs and symptoms of mental illness.


Greater knowledge around the process of asking ourselves or a loved one R U OK?

Conversation starters that can be used with yourself or colleagues.


Information on where to turn to for professional help.


Techniques on how to cope with stressful, emotional, challenging situations.

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